Equipment Pictures

imageBelow will be Pictures of some of the equipment that will be used on the Ride. Most will be of the actual gear. Where the actual pictures are unavailable I will post pictures that reflect as near as possible the equipment that will be used.




This is a 2.6 meters square and is 2.1meters high in the middle canvas tent with floor so has plenty of room for 2 people

Mess Tent

This is what we have selected as a Mess Tent. It is usually used for outdoor functions, It is easy to errect and big enough to handle the expexcted numbers. Has walls all around if the weather is bad. We will have some flooring for the main walkways to keep the dust to a minimum.

Table & Chair

For civilised dining tables and chairs. Places to sit out in the back country ar few and far between so you will appreciate this little luxury as well as the next.

Lounge Chair

We will have along a chair similar to this for everyone to rest their weary bones in at the end of the day.

Toilet Shower Tent

These are the tents that we intend to use both for Toilet and Shower. In the case of the Toilet the floors are removable and they will be placed over a shaft dug for the longdrop. For the showers one floor will be removed and a grate will be placed over a shaft for the water to go into so that the camp does not have a flood. Tthe ajoining wall can be unzipped so the other half of the double tent can be used as a change room.

It is a compromise we know but hey, It is way better than looking for a tree out on a saltbush plain somwhere when the nearest tree is a couple of miles away.


For those that are not old enough to remember one of these uised to be down the back yard of evrey house.


This is a shower unit that delivers water under pressure. Water can be heated in other containers on gas rings or on the fire. The unit can also be placed beside a fire with water in it and heated that way. Expected 2 showers from 1 fill.


We expect to need 2 or 3 1 tonne Utes 1 of which will be a 4x4 and 1 3 to 5 tonne van similar to these. They will not nesessarily sourced from Thrifty, just conveinient pictures.