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imageThis page will contain links to pages that would normally be accessed via fancy dropdown menus from the menu bar above. This is a challenge that I have not had time to meet so here is the simple but effective version for the technically challenged web developer. (Richard)
The pages will contain specific information related to the Thousandmiler Trail Ride .


These pages will also be linked to the Application Forms for both the Outback Trail Horse Riders Association Inc and the Thousandmiler Ride and what ever other forms that need to be filled in.


Occasionally these pages may have to be edited with new information or changes that are needed to clarify information or for legal reasons. Changes to any of these pages will be advised both by email and notes in Recent News.


To join the Thousandmiler Trail ride you must download both the Application to join OTHRA and the Application to join the ride. Fill in all the details and please return by Mail to :-

Outback Trail Horse Riders Association Inc

C/O Richard Capper 39 Market St Walla Walla NSW 2659

Please include payment by cheque or confirmation of Direct Depost into OTHRA's Bank.


We have managed to get some Press coverage and here is a link to view anything related to that. (click Here)


Application form to become a member of OTHRA please (Click Here)


Printable PDF Thousandmiler Trail Ride Application Form (Click Here)

Thousandmiler Trail Ride final. Information & Basic Rules of the Ride

Printable PDF version of the Information & Basic Rules of the Ride contained on the page linked above Click Thousandniler Rules.PDF

To view the Ride Cost Click Here Ride Cost

Start an Finish Date Click Here