Where the ride is going


New maps have been posted that are clearer and can be down loaded to your machine for printing or when opened with Adobe Reader can be enlarged to see more detail. The maps are fairly hi-resolution PDF files and will take a little while to down load but you will be able to see the detail on the maps clearly.

I have included 4 maps in all. The first one covers the area from Barham to Balranald. Right click and save the link to down load the map Barham Area

The second map is of the same area but has a red arrowed overlay to show the route to be taken Barham with Route

The third map covers the rest of the area we will be traveling through Map of Area North of Balranald

The fourth map is of the same area but it has a red arrow overlay to show the route to be taken. Map North of Balranald With Track

All maps can be opened with Adobe Reader. You can down load this program for free from Adobe Reader Select your operating System Language and the Version. and click Download. (Please Note. Adobe wants to install some toolbars and search engine links as well as Adobe Reader. Read all of the screens carefully and uncheck the check boxes for these items as you go through the Download and Installation process.)

The ride will start at Barham and will progress to Moulamein then on to Balranald. From Balranald we will strike north and it is hoped that we will be able to visit Paika Station. The property was first settled in 1840's. Lots of history. The Paika lake has just been filled with environmental water after being dry for 100 years. This should be worth the detour.

From there we will head a little west to keep off the main roads staying on many occasions at station properties along the way. I have to say now that the courtesy, help and friendliness of all the station owners that we have spoken to only goes to prove that the heart of our great country is in the bush.

We will eventually reach the Ivanhoe - Mungo road and turn west to cross the the Mungo National Park. This will be a fairly long day but we are forced into it as we are not allowed to camp with the horses in the national park. We then move on to Pooncarie on the Darling River, a former inland port for paddle steamers.

North again to Menindee then east towards Broken Hill. We will turn south before reaching the silver city and head south west to meet the Silver City Highway at Pine Point. South again for about a days ride then turn east towards the Darling river again.

We will follow the river down on the western side until we reach Pooncarie. Here we will have to back track for a while until we pass the Top Hut road. We will keep heading south until we reach a road that seems to be nameless that will take us east and south to get us back to Balranald.

From there we will have to back track to Barham as there is no alternative.

The original plan to go to Wilcannia was scrapped as although flat and easy going for the horses we would spend many days in the flat Salt Bush country and even in the car can only be described as uninteresting, and almost unchanging. You will have had enough of the Salt Bush just getting across the Mungo National Park.

The idea to go to Wentworth was also scraped as the roads around Wentworth and Mildura did not seem safe enough for a mob of 20 plus horses and riders and camping after Mildura was going to be a challenge.


View map of the route the ride is to take Click Here To save to your machine right click on the link and Save Link As from the menu that drops down.