What Next


First are you all still interested now you have had a look at the first attempt to cost the ride?

Please give me some feed back so I can address your concerns, your thoughts on what is to be provided, your suggestions on what can be done to improve the facilities provided. Any concerns that you have about any aspect of the planning so far.

The largest cost factors by far is the vehicle hire. If anyone has an idea on cutting that cost down I will definitely be interested.

If you are intending to complete the entire ride and have first aid qualifications please let us know.

Your opinions and input about Alcohol on the ride and the rules attached is important. Please do not hesitate to comment on this matter as once committed there will be no going back.

Application Forms for Membership in the Association and to join the ride,, Ride rules and conditions and any other relevant material will be sent out just as soon as we have some confirmed numbers. These we need before taking any steps toward forming the association and committing to the form that the ride will take. Super luxury, Luxury, Average,Just enough or just hard tack and sleeping on the ground.

This is our first attempt at this and I know some of you have been on other organized rides and will be able to provide valuable feed back so we do not make the mistakes of others on our little adventure.