How it all happened

imageOne night the two of us, that is Lindsay Collins and Richard Capper were yarning about trail rides that we hadn't done and because we are both old enough to know better and silly enough to do it any way we started to plan this short ride just as a bit of a shake down. Well one thing led to another and we thought that there might be a few more people out there that might like to join us. Then we thought of how the ground is harder these days and cooking every night over an open fire isn't as much fun as it used to be. I said "what about taking along a cook", Lindsay piped up "we should take along a couple of blokes to set up the camp and move it along each day". Then it really started to take shape with tents and mess tents, rousies and yards even a portable shower block. You guessed it, That will all cost money, lots of it if just for the two or five we could find among our friends and rellies." Right" I said, "lets really go for it and see if we are the only ones left that think a trail ride should cover some country and if there are others then we'll do it in style with the costs split up each rider would not be up for a kings ransom but would get all the comforts whilst on the trail".

So here is what came out of all those discussions and dreams. We hope that you are still interested enough to continue reading my ramblings and we hope that you would like to join us.

THE THOUSAND MILER TRAIL RIDE of 2012 a.k.a. 'The Great Geriatric Trail Ride'

Have you ever wondered what is was like when the horse was King of the Outback? If you have seen the high country now is your chance to travel the limitless plains country, across parts of the Old Man Plain, the Blacksoil Plain and the Great Grey Plain, even some of Victoria's Mallee, on your own horse, camping out each night for four to six weeks. The Plains country, where on moon-lit nights one can see clearly for several miles in the saltbush scented air, and the stars close enough to touch.

A horse back riding adventure is currently being planned for such a ride to take place betweenSeptember and October of 2012, riding six days a week covering 40 to 60 kilometres each day, and traversing parts of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The largest section of the ride will be across New South Wales plain country.

The comfort and facilities of the ride and camps will depend upon the final number of riders able to ride the entire distance of 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) and perhaps other riders who, for various reasons, can only ride sections of the planned ride. With a large number of riders taking part, there would be motor vehicles to move the camp, transport horse feed and the riders' swags (belongings), rousies to erect and take down each day the horse yards, erect and strike tents and so on. A mobile kitchen and staff to provide hot breakfasts and evening meals, with sandwiches carried by the riders for mid-day dinners. Even a mobile shower and toilet vehicle. The organisers have already arranged for a rider skilled in saddlery repairs to accompany the ride, and are hoping another rider with farriery or horse shoeing skills will also sign up. We may even be lucky enough for a vet to also come forward.

Well, that is the best scene scenario, but at worst we will have to manage our own cooking and sleeping arrangements, and chip in and help erect the horse yards at the end of each day's stage, dismantle and load them onto transport in the morning.

Though the organizers of this ride are well experienced in long distance riding, having gone through the 'cigarette swag' and pack horse stage in their younger years, they prefer not to swag it on the ground these days. (Blime! One of 'em is 85!) So they are hoping enough riders sign up to make a comfortable camp possible.

Still interested? Then yard up a few mates to come along as with more riders there arises the possibility of keeping the cost per rider down. All you need is a horse, saddlery and swag.. Minimum age for a rider is 18 years,, and THERE AIN'T NO UPPER AGE LIMIT!!